Contact our Community and Economic Development staff to help you with site selection, property searches, community visits, or to answer any questions you may have locating or expanding your business in the WPS service area.

Our Community and Economic Development staff

  • Provides no cost, confidential assistance to new, relocating and expanding industrial and manufacturing firms in Northeast and Central Wisconsin.
  • Contributes to economic development through involvement in state and regional strategic planning initiatives as well as hands-on assistance at the local level to individual businesses.
  • Promotes and supports economic growth by building successful relationships, and providing programs and services that support new projects and expansions.
  • Supports regional prosperity and growth by providing operating funds to a variety of regional and local economic development organizations and serving on the boards and committees of many of these same organizations.
  • Carol Karls
    Manager — Community and Economic Development

    700 N. Adams Street, Green Bay, WI 54301

Carol has 25 years of experience in local, county and municipal economic development; including as vice president of development overseeing more than $25 million in commercial real estate projects.

Carol is responsible for economic development activities in the WPS service area. She is the immediate past-president of Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA).

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