WPS's Fast Track program speeds up the process of planning and building a manufacturing facility. Take advantage of this unique resource if you have:

  • A business prospect looking for a manufacturing facility.
  • An available site to market. You can market your site with a virtual building using Fast Track options.

Program benefits

Working out the details in advance makes the entire process more efficient and shortens the timetable to execute the project. Choosing a shovel-ready site shortens the predevelopment time before construction and reduces risk for your client. With Fast Track, you will get:

  • Cost estimates and construction timetables for a building size that matches your needs.
  • With a known purchase cost for your site, you will have a solid idea of your building cost to own or lease.

Follow these steps

  1. Choose a construction proposal that matches the scope of your project.
  2. Get on the fast track. Compare expected build-out schedules for a pre-engineered or conventional building.
  3. Customize your project beginning with some typical building specifications.
  4. Review costs. Compare costs for a pre-engineered facility versus a conventionally constructed building.
  5. View renderings that show what your building could look like.

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