More options, more control, more chances to save

Next-Day Pricing is a new energy pricing option that gives more accurate energy price signals to businesses, like yours, that want to control energy costs. The actual cost of generating power varies on a daily basis, depending on the generation mix we must use on a given day. (Coal generation, for example, is a lower cost than natural gas generation.) Next-Day Pricing gives you clear, day-ahead price signals that match the actual market pricing. This gives you the option to alter your electric load based on actual market conditions. At the same time, Day-Ahead Pricing still incorporates a degree of price certainty to protect you, by limiting the number of high-priced energy periods.

By 3:30 p.m. the day before, Next-Day Pricing lets you know the next day's energy pricing, giving you the opportunity to adjust your electric load accordingly.

Next-Day Pricing energy rates fall into one of four categories – economy, mid-economy, peak or critical. Knowing those rates in advance gives you an opportunity to reschedule energy-consuming tasks – away from peak and critical to economy and mid-economy times whenever possible. And that gives you the potential to save on your energy costs.

Breakdown of Critical Days Per Year

Effortless, reliable information

Participating in Next-Day Pricing is easy and effective. Each day, you'll receive an email informing you of the next day's pricing category no later than 3:30 p.m. You can also access the program's website, where you'll find a 10-day pricing forecast and a year-to-date summary.

If you're able to react to Next-Day Pricing and lower your kilowatt-hour use during critical and peak levels, you'll have the potential to save money, while also reducing demand on the electric system during high-use periods. If you cannot take part, there is no penalty and you'll pay rates based on the day's pricing category.

Take part in Next-Day Pricing. Contact your WPS account representative today.

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