Your natural gas bill from WPS provides detailed information about your natural gas costs. It's designed to help you make wise decisions and manage your energy costs in the future.

Billing terms

Understanding these terms that may appear on your bill is a first step in understanding your gas costs:

Aggregation charge
All gas transportation customers served by WPS are able to deliver gas to any of our gate stations, or "pool across" our entire gas distribution system. This ability results from a contract we have with the interstate pipelines to serve our firm and interruptible system customers. To cover the cost of this pooling benefit received by gas transportation customers, WPS applies an aggregation charge per therm to all transportation gas through-put crossing gate stations. Because of significant cross-connections behind some WPS gate stations, seven sets of gate stations are considered single gate stations for this purpose:
  • Green Bay and West Green Bay
  • Merrill and North Merrill
  • Oshkosh and South Oshkosh
  • Sheboygan and North Sheboygan
  • Stevens Point and Rosholt
  • Manitowoc and North Manitowoc
  • South Wausau, Wausau and North Wausau
Base gas cost
Covers the estimated cost of gas, gas supply reliability and balancing services for firm and interruptible customers. It also includes the cost to contract for adequate pipeline capacity and storage for firm customers. The Commission approves estimated costs for these services. The annual estimated costs are spread out evenly over 12 months.
Demand Charge
A variable charged based on your daily through-put. It covers utility expenses and return on investment associated with natural gas distribution service.
Distribution margin
A variable charge based on the therms you've used, your annual usage and type of service. It covers utility expenses and return on investment associated with natural gas distribution service.
Fixed Charge
Helps cover the cost of equipment used to serve customers, issue bills and provide customer service programs.
Gas adjustment
Adjusts the Base Gas Rate to reflect monthly fluctuations in the direct charges paid by WPS for gas supply, pipeline capacity and other related costs. The Commission approves these charges.
Gas supply acquisition
Covers the costs associated with buying gas, such as the carrying cost of gas in storage, wages of the WPS gas supply group, and so on.
Local distribution service
Covers the safe, reliable transportation of gas across the WPS gas distribution system to customers, including metering, billing and customer service. It includes both fixed and volumetric charges to more accurately match the actual costs of providing these services. Fixed charges do not vary with your use; volumetric charges will vary with your gas use.
Pressure base correction and company use gas / gas lost and unaccounted for
Before calculating your daily nominations, WPS applies an adjustment factor to gas delivered to the city gate station for your use. This factor is the product of a Pressure Base Correction (to adjust for the different gas measurement assumptions WPS and the interstate pipelines use) and a correction for Company Use Gas / Gas Lost and Unaccounted For (gas used during the distribution process and gas that flows into the WPS distribution system but is never metered as being used by a customer or the utility). The current effective "Pressure Base Correction and Company Use Gas/Gas Lost and Unaccounted For" factors can be found on sheet number G8.07 of Schedule PGAC in the WPS Wisconsin rate book.

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