WPS Community Foundation is a charitable organization providing education and options for renewable energy. Established as a nonprofit educational foundation, this charitable 501(c)3 corporation granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service in 1996. The foundation's primary responsibility is administering the SolarWise® for Schools program.

All donations to the SolarWise for Schools program are remitted directly to WPS Community Foundation. These donations are tax-deductible. Solar-electric systems are purchased by WPS Community Foundation and donated to schools immediately after installation. SolarWise for Schools' mission is to:

  • Educate students and the public about the benefits of renewable energy
  • Expand the use of renewable energy in local communities
  • Improve the environment

WPS Community Foundation Board Members

  • Karmen Lemke – President
  • Beth Straka – Vice President
  • Michelle Mattson – Secretary
  • Michael Kaminski – Treasurer
  • William J. Guc – Director
  • John R. Stoll – Director

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