Wisconsin Public Service Foundation recognizes that educators of today are too often faced with the struggle of having to do more with less. In response to this increasing demand, we are supporting our educators with the Innovative Educator Grant.


  • Grade 6-12 educators or teams of educators.
  • Schools within the WPS service area.
  • Projects in the areas of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM).


Projects with academic focus and goals to improve student achievement will be considered. Highly regarded projects will incorporate matching funds, community resources, and interdisciplinary or team teaching projects; including those involving collaboration with teachers from other classrooms or schools in the district. Favorable projects would be sustainable in future years and have the financial support of the district or other source. Higher consideration will be given to quality projects that benefit many students, possibly an entire school.

Grants may be used to purchase equipment or curriculum materials, but should be part of a well-planned and integrated project or activity. Grants may be awarded for field trips only if the field trip is a supplemental learning tool to classroom curriculum. Award funds must be used on a new effort or an existing effort, if the award is to enhance the existing effort. The school administrator must approve the project request. Projects previously funded through an Innovative Educator Grant are eligible, however, greater consideration will be given to new proposals. Maximum grant amount awarded will be $1,000 per project per academic year.

Criteria and judging

  • Executive Summary of project. (maximum 100 words)
  • How does the project relate to studies in science, technology, engineering or math? (20 points)
  • What are the project goals, expected impact and specific, measurable objectives? (30 points)
  • What grade levels and number of students will be impacted by the project this year? In future years? (25 points)
  • Who will execute the project? (10 points)
  • Attach an itemized budget (to the nearest dollar) and list other financial partners and the timeline for funds to be dispersed. (15 points)

What would be considered for funding?

Robotics program, engineering mentoring program, workshop for science teachers, props for energy lessons, history of energy workshop, marketing energy project, stream monitoring equipment or an ecology project at the school forest.

What would not be considered for funding?

Travel for competition, field trips not supplemented by classroom curriculum, text books, capital projects, real estate, endowments, software, entry fees, audio/visual equipment, t-shirts or other promotional items, stipends or meals. Funds may not be used for participation in the WPS Solar Olympics event.

Applications will be accepted until October 31.

Apply for a grant


Call 920-433-1433 or email Foundation Administrator.

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