The Matching Gifts program is designed to encourage our employees and retirees to actively support nonprofit organizations within our communities. This program also gives employees and retirees a voice in selecting organizations to be funded by Wisconsin Public Service Foundation, Inc.

Wisconsin Public Service Foundation will match $1 for each $1 of eligible employee or retiree contributions. The minimum employee or retiree contribution to any one organization that will be matched is $50. The maximum match per fiscal year ending December 1 is $5,000 per employee and $2,000 per retiree.

Contributions can be made in the form of cash, a check, credit card or stock in a publicly traded company.

Eligible contributions

Contributions to organizations in the categories below may be eligible for matching funds. Each organization must be located within the company's operating territory (with the exception of post-secondary educational institutions) or where the employee lives and must be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Arts and culture
  • Community and neighborhood development
  • Education (including accredited K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions in the U.S.)
  • Environment
  • Human services and health

Ineligible contributions

Because our companies have so many opportunities to give, and limited funding, the Matching Gift program cannot support contributions to these types of organizations at this time:

  • United Way and other combined appeals
  • Civic groups, including fraternal, social or union organizations
  • Religious or political organizations
  • Organizations whose philosophy and mission conflict with company positions
  • Private foundations
  • Gifts to individuals
  • In-kind gifts
  • Pooled contributions by more than one individual
  • Gifts fixed by a school as a condition for student enrollment, payment for tuition, books or other student fees

Wisconsin Public Service Foundation reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the Matching Gifts program at any time without prior notice.

Matching Gifts form

Questions should be directed to the Matching Gifts program coordinator, Wisconsin Public Service Foundation, 920-433-1621.

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