Having a successful bat colony in your bat house may take some work, but it will provide you with an educational and enjoyable experience!

A note about bats

Unknown to many, bats have desirable qualities that make them welcome residents of your yard. A single big brown bat can eat up to 7,000 insects each night, which is one of their best qualities.

Bats are agile fliers and do not get caught in hair. And they're no more prone to carry rabies than other mammals. (For your own safety, never handle any animal that is found sick or dead.)

House placement

Bats need very hot temperatures inside their house (80 to 90 degrees). You may need to paint your bat house a dark color or cover it with a layer of tar paper to attain the optimal temperature.

Attach your bat house to a tree or building. The house should be approximately 12 to 15 feet above the ground. Because the critical element for a successful bat house is the temperature, place the house where it receives the morning sun and is shaded during the afternoon.

Siting the house near large supplies of insects is preferred, because the bats feed on insects.


View a blueprint for a bat house.

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