Having a successful nest in your wood duck house may take some work, but it will provide you with an educational and enjoyable experience!

House placement

Like other duck species, wood ducks require direct access to open water (within one-half mile). Therefore, your wood duck house should be placed on the shoreline of a slower, nonflowing body of water.

When installing the house, place it on a pole no less than 3 feet — but no more than 20 feet — above the ordinary high-water mark.

Wood ducks' competitors

Depending on the location of your wood duck house, you may need to install squirrel or raccoon protection. Starlings may also be attracted to the house as a nesting site.


Your wood duck house should be clean and ready for the birds by March 1 of each year and should be checked every 7 to 10 days from late March until mid-July. If the house becomes a nesting spot for starlings, the nesting materials and eggs should be removed immediately.


Use our blueprint to build your own wood duck nest box.

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