NatureWise makes it affordable for your business to support clean sources of energy. With your enrollment, you can purchase "blocks" of renewable energy (1 block = 100 kilowatt-hours) for only $2.40 per month. Buy as many or as few blocks as you want, and stay enrolled for however long you want — with no obligation.

Based on your typical electric bill and number of blocks purchased, your business will be recognized as a NatureWise Business Partner at one of the following participation levels: Advocate, Steward or Champion.

If your monthly electric bill is... Added monthly NatureWise payment
Champion Steward Advocate
Up to $500 Number of blocks 6 4 2
Monthly payment $14.40 $9.60 $4.80
$501-$1,500 Number of blocks 15 10 5
Monthly payment $36.00 $24.00 $12.00
$1,501 or greater Number of blocks 30* 20* 10
Monthly payment $72.00 $48.00 $24.00

* Purchases of 20 blocks or more require a contract.

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If you have any questions about NatureWise, please contact us.

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