We've designed your monthly bill to be clear and easy-to-read. Take a moment to read through the sample bill to understand its different parts.

Reading your bill

  1. Contact information located at top for easy reference.
  2. Your bill date, account number, due date, amount due and next meter read located at top of page for quick reference.
  3. Account Summary section with at-a-glance usage and cost-comparison graphs.
  4. Your name and service address.
  5. Activity Since Last Bill section showing your previous balance and payment, plus current charges and balance.
  6. Your electric usage information.
  7. Your gas usage information.
  8. Quick Budget Billing enrollment option.
  9. Convenient payment stub to include with your payment.
  10. Easy-to-find amount due and due date on payment stub.
  11. Payment mailing address.

To understand your bill even more, view our billing terms found on the back of your bill:

If you have any questions about your bill, please contact us.

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