Please be aware of the following scam targeting residential and small business customers of WPS.

How the scam works

  • A person calls a residential or small business customer and says he/she is from WPS.
  • The person calling may know your name and address and claim to have more information regarding your account.
  • The caller will claim you are behind on your utility bill payment and are subject to immediate disconnection.
    • Or, they may indicate you need upgrades to your utility equipment and immediate payment is due to avoid disconnection.
  • They will instruct you to go to a nearby store and purchase a pre-paid credit card, money order or money pack card.
  • The caller leaves you with a phone number and instructs you call them back and provide them with the numbers on the credit card you purchased. Once you give them the card numbers, the money is gone.

The scammers are very smart and can apply pressure if you start to ask questions. They may also use technology to make it look as if the call is coming from a local number or even the utility company. Be cautious if you receive a suspicious phone call of this nature.

What to do if you receive a suspicious call

  • Write down any information the caller provides to you. Take note of the call date and time, phone number to call back and/or caller ID, and any details revealed to you by the caller. DO NOT provide any private information, account or banking information.
  • Call WPS if you receive a suspicious call. We can verify if a call was made to you from the utility and/or verify your account status.

    WPS 24-hour customer service
  • You may also report any fraudulent calls to the Bureau of Consumer Protection at 800-422-7128.

Email scams

Pay attention to suspicious emails in your inbox. Scammers use emails to pretend to be your utility and request your personal or financial information.

How to tell it is us

  • We will never ask you to pay your bill with a prepaid credit card.
  • If we leave you a message or contact you, we will ask to speak to the person whose name is listed on the account. However, if you call us, we will ask for some personal information to confirm your identity. This is for your protection.
  • If you are behind on your bills, you would have received several mailed notices in advance of any telephone contact by WPS.

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