For Release: 08/09/2019

WPS reminds residents, professionals to dial before they dig as 811 Day approaches

Green Bay — In recognition of 811 Day this Sunday, Aug. 11, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) reminds people to call 811 at least three days before you dig. That one simple call will get any underground utilities properly marked, keeping customers and the community safe.

In Wisconsin, anyone planning to dig must call 811 or contact Diggers Hotline, the free statewide notification service, at least three working days before they dig. By calling 811, customers and excavators:

  • Allow WPS and other utility operators to mark the location of underground facilities, such as electric cables and natural gas lines.
  • Help keep digging sites safe and prevent injury.
  • Avoid an interruption in energy service or costly repairs.

One call makes a difference

In 2018, WPS received more than 133,000 requests to mark its underground utilities. During that time, WPS natural gas facilities were damaged less than 0.2%. National studies show you have a 99% change of avoiding underground utilities when you call 811 before digging.

811 Day is an annual initiative designed to emphasize the importance of calling 811 before starting any work that involves digging.

For More Information, Contact:

WEC Energy Group