For Release: 01/09/2020

Customers urged to wipe out winter hazards by keeping meters, appliance vents clear

Rhinelander — With multiple inches of snow and ice covering north central Wisconsin, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is reminding customers to stay safe by clearing snow and ice off natural gas meters and appliance vents.

A buildup of ice or snow on a meter can stress its piping, potentially causing a natural gas leak. A covered meter also is more difficult for WPS natural gas mechanics to access and work on, including in an emergency. Customers also should clear large icicles or sheets of ice on roofs that are above meters to prevent the ice from falling and damaging the equipment.

WPS crews have encountered meters coated with significant amounts of ice and snow this winter.

Ways customers can protect a meter

  • Clear away snow using their hands or a broom.
  • Remove icicles and snow from the section of their roof above the meter.
  • Use caution around their meter when shoveling or using a snow blower.
  • Install a protective structure over the meter. Customers should contact WPS for more information if they wish to install these structures.

Along with keeping meters clear, customers should remove any snow or ice from appliance vents. A buildup of snow or ice can block an appliance vent, possibly trapping carbon monoxide indoors and creating a hazardous situation.

Customers who smell a natural gas odor should leave the area immediately and contact WPS at 800-450-7280.

For More Information, Contact:

WEC Energy Group