For Release: 01/16/2020

Most Valuable Party: Take down energy costs while cheering on the Green and Gold

Green Bay — As football fans in Titletown and across Wisconsin huddle up to watch the Pack this weekend, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is opening its playbook to show customers simple ways to save money and energy use on game day.

1st down — 7-10 reverse

Turn the thermostat back 7-10 degrees when leaving home to catch the game so the furnace doesn't run when no one is around. Customers who are hosting also can lower the temperature a few degrees to account for extra body heat from guests.

2nd down — Smart-use counter

With the television on all afternoon and evening, counter its energy use by keeping lights and electronics turned off in unoccupied rooms. Trap hidden energy costs further by unplugging or using power strips to switch off electronic devices that are not being used.

3rd down — Double chicken wing pass

Use a microwave or slow cooker to create the perfect pigskin party dish. Both appliances use less energy than firing up an oven.

4th and goal — Full load option

Dishwashers use the same amount of energy and water each time. Establish an efficient game plan for this appliance by waiting to run it until it is full. Save even more energy by passing on the heated dry cycle and opening the door instead.

See more energy trick plays and tips to manage costs on the WPS website.

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