For Release: 06/18/2020

Keep summer celebrations from fizzling out by keeping metallic balloons on the ground

Green Bay — As families plan creative ways to enjoy Father’s Day, graduation parties and summer birthdays while social distancing, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) reminds customers to celebrate courteously by keeping metallic or Mylar balloons on the ground. Since 2015, these balloons have caused WPS customers to lose more than 1,100 hours of electric service.

A Mylar balloon’s metallic coating conducts electricity across the balloon’s surface. Wind and weather conditions can pull these balloons into overhead power lines, which can cause an outage. A video showing the dangers of letting Mylar balloons go can be viewed here. (WPS does not own this video.)

Handling metallic balloons properly

Using Mylar balloons correctly can provide a unique touch to a celebration without disrupting service for those nearby. When using these balloons:

  • Never release them outdoors. When possible, keep them indoors.
  • Make sure they are tied securely to a weight.
  • Keep them away from power lines.
  • Let the air out and throw them away when finished.
  • Never touch a balloon caught in power lines.

Customers who spot a balloon tangled in electrical equipment should report it to WPS at 800-450-7240. More tips on staying safe around electricity at home can be found here.

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